About us

Common Information

  • “Aravot” Charitable Non Governmental Organization is a public organization, which follows charitable purposes and  is not profit-making.
  • The organization acts according to the RA National Constitution and the following Statutes.
  • The organization acts according to the principles of legality, voluntary work, equal rights, self-government and publicity.
  • The organization acts in the whole area of republic.
  • The legal place of the organization is Isahakyan str.28

The main mission of  the organization and the objectives

Support the solution of  social, scientific, educational, cultural, health etc.  problems of  youth and children, advocacy by involvement in the process of  civil-minded society creation.

The main objectives

  • Material, psychological, pedagogical, social care help to the mostly indigent persons and families, schools, nursery-schools, orphan houses, hospitals, geriatric homes and other social and health care institutions.
  • Material help to the scientific and educational institutions.
  • Charitable investments to the institutions and  organizations, which have charitable aims in Armenia
    Support the development of social, educational, moral-psychological field.
  • Support the improvement of children and youth advocacy sphere.
  • Support the creation of democracy.
  • Protection of women’s and children’s rights.

Address` #8 Taterakan str., Vanadzor, Armenia
Tel.` (0322) 4-12-88, (0322) 4-56-88
E-mail` aravott@mail.ru

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