“Aravot” ChNGO executes training courses for students’rights awareness-rising  in Vanadzor secondary schools. There are also computer, Russian and English free teaching courses. “Aravot” ChNGO organizes trainings for widening and exchanging psychological knowlage which is aimed to import psychological services in the secondary schools.

  • “Pupils’ rights in school” According the programme the pupils gave a plan of pupil councils’ formation and actions. In a health promoting school, pupils have an important part to play in making decisions about the life and work of the school. One of the ways in which pupils can have their say and make sure that their views and ideas are listened to is through the pupil council.
  • “School for the sake of children” The cooperation of 25 schools’ pupil councils in Lori and Shirak regions.
  • “Summer camp” According the programme in the end of the trainings 15 young people were given the qualification of  group leader and worked in the yard camps(100 children).
  • Computer training courses for children and young people.

The preparation of children from socially vulnerable families to school(15 children).

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